Monday, March 24, 2008

Inspirational Mondays

Well, today I was so busy getting ready for Scrapfest and I wondered where am I getting my inspiration from today. I have been designing like crazy, cutting more paper than I ever have before and putting the finishing touches on our booth organization that I wondered if I had stopped long enough to breath. So I decided to sit down with a cup of tea at the computer and I got this email from my Sister-In-Law in British Columbia. And once I read it I seemed to get great inspiration from the oddest of places. She is doing The Weekend to End Breast Cancer in September of 2008 in Calgary, Alberta with her daughter. I am so proud of her and decided that my inspiration today was from a completely different source.
Our scrapbooking means so much to all of us and we take so many pictures that we want to treat very special. Let's look a little deeper into those pictures and those faces each and every day and give our many blessings more than a glance. May you also find inspiration in the oddest of places and remember to give thanks for our many blessings!!!

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cottagerca said...

Looking forward to seeing you at scrapfest.