Friday, March 28, 2008

Design With us Fridays

I love to do single page layouts for the most part. I feel I can get more impact with a one pager than a two pager. I love developing a story with one picture instead of many. BUT....there are times when they are many more pictures than one to tell the story about something or someone in your life. Many celebrations gives us the opportunity to display many pictures on a layout. So it is with these pictures that you place them on a two page layout.
When creating two page layouts I love to think of different ways to tie the two pages together. There are several ways that you can use to tie two pages together that will be pleasing to the eye and will give your pictures a wonderful setting.
You might want to try to view the two pages as one. Instead of seeing two 12 x 12" pages; design it as one 12 x 24" page. Ignore the line that seperates the two sheets of paper. When laying things out pretend that it is not there; move elements around on your page and get them in the exact place that gives you the greatest flow and symmetry.
Use borders, text, and/or alignment to create strong horizontal or diagonal lines that span both pages. Try spanning the title, sub-title, a quote or even the journalling across both pages.
Consider splitting photographs or other elements across the center line. This works really well with larger photos. You could also consider splitting a large piece of pattern paper across the center page. This will provide much cohesion between pages.
Try clustering the elements of your page to the center horizontally and vertically. The shape of this block is not as important as the attempt to cluster everything in the center. Again it will give your page such a sense of good design.
I hope these things help you design wonderful two page layouts. I you have any other suggestions that you use in your scrapbooking, leave a comment and share. I am sure lots of us would love to hear your ideas.

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