Sunday, January 23, 2011

All Good Things Come To An End...

The time has come for Sheri and I to let In A Pinch Designs come to an end. When we started IAPD, we thought it would be fun to start a small kit company. That little kit company has gotten a lot bigger than we both had anticipated.
Sheri and I both work full time; rewarding jobs that we are not willing to leave and IAPD designs has gotten so successful that it needs a fulltime person in order to continue. We struggled about what step to take next. Through much discussion and debate we have both decided this is the best move for us. This decision was slow in it's evolution, but when we let our website go at the end of December, it felt as though the writing was on the wall.
It has been a fabulous ride and we can only thank our customers for that ride. You welcomed our kits and gave us such encouragement to continue with each sale. It was always so rewarding to hear your comments at each show we attended. The wonderful emails we would receive after a mailed order. Truly fabulous customers!
We certainly cannot go another minute without thanking both Richard and Darren; our loving husbands. We could not have done this without their support. The insanity that would accompany the time leading up to each show was unbelievable. They both took it in stride and recognized that IAPD was a passion of Sheri's and mine. We love you both so much for all of it.
In regards to product that we have left over; Sheri and I are going to have a big local sale. You wil not be able to make any furthur purchases online, but we are planning 2 large garage sales. All of our kits will be half price and we will also be selling all paper, cardstock, ribbons and embellishments as well. Furthur information on these sales are forthcoming but needless to say it will be big. We will also be selling our kits at the Nottawasaga Go Scrapping Retreat in February as well; again all of our kits will be half price as well!!
So, where do Sheri and I go from here. To be completely honest, we look forward to simplicity. I think that is our word for 2011. Simplicity!!! We both want to get back to scrapbooking our own pages. We really have not done much for our own books for several years now. I know that Sheri want to start painting again. I looking for that first painting to come off the easel!
Again thank you so much for everything...Look forward to details about our garage sales coming soon.
With much love Judy and Sheri


Sue said...

You girls rock!! Thanks for all the beautiful kits and help you have provided...I look forward to many years ahead of scrapping together! And I look forward to your yard sale!!!

Mellissa Tolch said...

Im in shock ladies. You create very beautiful pages and are well known in the Scrapbook world. I will miss seeing your booth at the many functions and shows. I know all toooo well how much time and passion that it takes for a kit company. My lil company is well on it's way now and Im soooo busy that I dont have time for much else. I just hope that I can create pages and be as successful as you both have. Good luck in your future. xoxo

Tracey said...

I am sad to read this ladies but I am happy for you both as you move into a new chapter. I will miss having IAP come and share the day with us at Crop for the Cure but I look forward to having our paths cross in this scrappy world of ours. Best of luck to you both!! xx

Anonymous said...

I would like to wish you both luck, fun and happiness in your simplicity!! Sometimes the simple life is the best life.
Wish I could be there for your garage sales but am just too far.

Mo said...

WOW I can't believe it! I'm both sad and happy for you two. We'll miss your kits!