Sunday, March 14, 2010

Have You Missed Us?

Let me start off by saying "We've missed you!"
Blogging hasn't been a priority of late but, thank you to those that keep coming back to see if there is a new entry.

Judy and I love working on new kit designs for In A Pinch Designs but our little business doesn't pay the big bills. Judy is a full time nurse and I've been in school this last year upgrading my skills. I've recently graduated and am proud to say, that not to long after graduating, have landed a great position with a fabulous company! Most of you know the first weeks starting a new job can be very stressful and tiring which is why you haven't seen me on the blog these last few days. I'm back though and ready to get at it.

Spring brings new life and I intend on bringing new life to the In A Pinch blog and website. I'm still going to scout out fabulous "Friday Flicks" but you'll see some other fun things here on our blog. New designs have been completed and I'm working on getting them up in the store. Thanks for your patience, everyone!