Sunday, April 27, 2008

What A Weekend!!!!!

What a wonderful weekend we had!!! It was busy but very successful!!! The Go Scrapping Stratford Retreat was a huge success! Everyone was really enjoying themselves especially Friday evening. It was the official theme night and almost everyone took part and dressed for the part. Holly from Schnider Photography was there to take pictures of all the "Diva's". She had a very busy evening.
On Saturday, Sheri had to stay home because she was quite ill and so her loving husband Darren was pinch-hitting for her. A lot of girls were surprised to think he could teach but once they took one of his classes, they all want him back for another retreat. He was a huge success!!!
I just want to thank everyone for all the nice comments about our classes and our booth. The compliments were many and we felt the love!!! I also want to thank those of you who did purchase kits; once you completed them and told me how lovely you found them means a lot to Sheri and I. We are just glad that we are able to share our designs with you. Thanks again!!
I would just like to share some photos from the weekend!!
The crop room was full and Karen was very busy giving out "Ticky's"!!!

Sue and Firmina finished a couple of kits and they looked great!!!

And "Diva Darren" was in full colours and loving every minute of it!!!

I was very pleased with how the booth turned out...Very soft and inviting!!!

Lucy from "Simply Scrapping" was very busy scrapbooking all weekend!! Look for her in her new location in the Southworks Mall in Cambridge. Great new store Lucy!!!

A couple of the girls finished their Disney Class Layouts with pictures and I thought it was nice of them to share!!!
Lisa, Mat, Brenda, Pat, Catherine and Roseanne all cropped their little hearts out!!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GAWD!! I am going to spend the day at Canadian Tire and remind myself I have a winkie. :)
Had a good time ladies! Thanks for the warm welcome. Cheers - D

Holly said...

HA HA HA!!!!!
you look so perty Darren, I wish I could have snapped YOU on Friday night! :)

Sue said...

You girls rock!! I love your kits, I loved my class (Darren - you were awesome) and I was so extremely happy with my layouts when I was done!!

Sherri....I was grumbling a little bit about all the "hand stitching" on the "Who I Am" layout, but it turned out so wonderful!!

Rosanne said...

Great photos, Darren did a great job teaching the layout classes and does make a great Diva!