Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Colorful Wednesdays

What is color blocking? Color blocking is an old and trusted way of scrapbooking that involves placing photos, paper and embellishments in an orderly and "blocked" manner. Because this technique can be used by beginner scrapbookers and advanced scrapbookers; it is a great way to get several layouts done quickly, neatly and is a wonderful way to get many pictures on one layout!!
There are many companies that have color blocking templates out on the market that help initiate this process; but it is very easy to achieve with a few quick measurements.
Initially you need to pick your pictures that you want to use. You then need to pick your papers and embellishments. Once these items are chosen you can let your imagination take over. Compliment your paper (cardstock or patterned paper) to the pictures and place the blocks of paper in squares, rectangles and in any order that is pleasing to your eye. Once the blocking is done, add your pictures to the blocks ; you may even want to mat your pictures. Once this is done, add your embellishments and do your journalling.
In my example of color blocking I chose to place my photos in a blocked formation with my sheet of background cardstock providing the color. In this layout I let the pictures speak as there were so many colors in them that the sage green was the most prominent and that color worked real well with those multi-colored photos.

Have fun with this technique. It is meant to be a great way to get out of a scrappers block and lets you get many pictures done in a short amount of time!!!

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